Inside the east side of Riverfront Lodge

Finishes Construction Update

There’s a lot of exciting construction progress being made at Riverfront Lodge. On the west side of the building we’re working on roughing in the electrical and mechanical systems. And on the east side, we’re starting on some of the finish work including drywall, flooring, tile, and cabinets.

As the construction work progresses, it’s fun to start imagining our future owners enjoying their new mountain homes…

The adorable family photos that will be hung on the new drywall we have put up in the living rooms on the 4th floor.

Waking up and getting ready for a run along the Eagle River as they admire the new master bath cabinets and beautiful tile we are carefully setting on the 2nd floor.

Finishes Construction Update

And all of the delicious home-cooked meals that will be prepared on the new slab kitchen countertops that are being installed on the 1st floor.   

We look forward to sharing more construction updates and until then, we’ll continue dreaming of our owners enjoying their future mountain homes.